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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Review


Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a parody on the mahou shoujo genre. The elements it mocks are obvious and the characters actually acknowledge it – unlikely heroes flashily transforming into their ridiculous costumes with out-of-this-world powers battling monsters-of-the-week while upholding their valiant virtues of love and friendship. As a quirky deconstruction of the style, the series manages to pull it off with as few hitches as possible.

Even the construction of the episodes is a parody. It is all in the episodic nature of the monster-of-the-week ploy, leaving a few hints of the over-all plot until unveiling it, albeit slowly, in last few episodes, and, of course, the all-too-grand climatic final episode. It’s not worth enjoying if it is taken too seriously. After all, Boueibu is just a bunch of boys randomly given powers of love to save the Earth from hatred.

The design and animation could have been more flashy – as flashy as Sailor Moon and Free! combined. At the very least, it could be described as fitting to Boueibu‘s identity as a parody of a genre. The surprise, however, is the music. I expected something decent at best but I was amazed at the remarkable effort given to the sound.

Boueibu is what one would call a “basic” anime. While it is “basic”, it nevertheless captures our attention with the charm of its characters and the wit of the script. The combination of the two elements is refreshing despite being only a cover-up for the series’ identity as a parody with nothing else to work on save for the fact that it has magical boys instead of magical girls. It unexpectedly leaves you rolling on the floor or facepalming while laughing at its ludicrousness.

There is an irony in Boueibu in that one would have to take it seriously in order to realize that it’s not to be taken seriously. It serves as an example to the anime audience to remind them of how one can still enjoy a series without taking it too seriously. It doesn’t need you to think about ulterior motives or predict courses of action. Boueibu only requires one to pay attention.

It doesn’t stand out too much but at least it does. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a half lighthearted and half gut-busting comedy and I easily recommend it to anyone who seeks such.


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