02/03/2015 This Week in Anime

Some lulls, some ups and downs, and some surprises as series continue. Nevertheless, anime has its way to keep us watching.

The Rundown

Akatsuki no Yona Episode 16
Well played, Su-won. I’m still not convinced that you have something else under your sleeve. I didn’t like how they made Geun-tae a bit dumb because if he were truly a great general, he should be at the very least smart enough to detect Su-won’s motives. Oh well. Mission accomplished. Let’s head back to Yona’s group while they search for the next dragon.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 4
And yet another weak episode. And I had so much hope for this! And I was kind of hoping that along the episodic bad guy appears/we can take him down routine, the greater, over-arching plot emerges. Maybe not yet. But if Boueibu, doesn’t do so soon, I will be terribly disappointed.

Your Lie in April Episode 15
Putting Tsubaki’s grief, meeting the new kid, and Kaori getting worse seemed too much, like they’re squeezing it all in so that the story finishes in a few more episodes. I won’t be convinced that Tsubaki’s going anywhere until she actually does. If she is, it’s going very slowly. Kaori’s sickness looks like it’s already getting the best of her. Before, she didn’t seem to mind but now that it’s hindering her, the mental effects are showing. Lastly, I wonder what kind of drama the new kid will bring. It doesn’t look too promising. They’ll probably make us hate her at first and then sympathize with her in the end. (Shigatsu makes us do that and I don’t like that feeling.) I’m looking forward to the end now actually to see how it all plays out.

Garo: Mark of the Flame Episode 16
It’s been a really slow start for Garo‘s second cour. They’ve been dilly-dallying around for too long. At least we now have a twist in our story that will hopefully propel us forward. In the meantime, does anyone know what Leon is up to now?

Death Parade Episode 4
Surprise, surprise. Last week, we found out that Decim actually has a sense of humor. This episode, we see a harsher side of him, one that can indeed bring about the darkest depths of one’s soul. The mother-child theme definitely evoke a tragic feel to Decim’s business. I still don’t find clear how the verdicts work. I learned that in the Buddhist/Hindu tradition reincarnation is a consequence of failing to fulfill our duties. Hence, it causes pain until we perform the highest good which will bring us liberation of the soul, breaking off the cycle of reincarnation and taking us into an eternity without suffering. But since Death Parade introduced the concept of the “void” (or hell as others interpret it to be) in contrast to reincarnation, it seems as though it got it all wrong. But then again, I might have learned differently. Death Parade still lacks the presence of an overarching plot. If there ever isn’t, then they shouldn’t make it seem so.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 16
More intrigue! As the fans and haters squabble,  the story actually progresses faster than the previous cour. The goals are clear now but we know shit is bound to happen. Heck, shit is already happening. Slaine rises up not just in the ranks but also in respect. The United Earth captures a Count Mazuurek who seems a bit too docile for war. And Marito gets over is PTSD a little too suddenly. Oh well, Aldnoah, don’t fail me now.

Rolling Girls Episode 4

More like Trolling Girls. I actually don’t know what’s going on in this series now. I thought that it would be moving forward when they were going to Mt. Fuji but no. They montage-d their journey. I seriously don’t get it now, not even with their fickle plot twists and antics.

Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 15
There are nine episodes left in this adaptation and it still hasn’t progressed. Tsk. Its synopsis showed great promise but the series performed a really cheap sleight of hand to make it disappear and never come back. I don’t want to give on this with everybody else. But with another Conan episode coming, it seems like I have to.

Episode of the week

Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 4
Phew. What a ride! That’s one arc down. I almost forgot the point of it all but Durarara keeps it tight, one of its best traits. Some tensions grow as Izaya might be on his way to face a formidable foe plus some other things that are too many to mention. It’s actually a surprise now how Celty’s becoming… er… girly. In addition to their previous cast of characters, they’re introducing a lot more. Here’s to hoping it won’t be like holding onto sand.

Runner-up: Saekano Episode 3
I may not have a lot of words for this show now but I like how Megumi is showing to have some spunk. Maybe she’s not so much of a boring heroine after all. Maybe she just doesn’t fit the mold that Tomoya has set out for her. Despite how messy this doujin circle is turning out to be, Megumi’s bound to make a few surprises now.

Well, how was your week?

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