Akatsuki no Yona Episode 15 Recap

Morality-wise, this series seems to linger in the gray area. I noticed a lot of this-BUT-thats. Nothing’s really wrong with that but it would be more refreshing if certain characters are founded on each extreme.

Some angst and a surprise visit from Su-won. As fun as it is to follow Yona and the gang, it’s time to get a view of the enemy side (or is he the enemy?). Some intentions are out while the majority remain hidden. Not so much movement here and we hope the next episode won’t be a filler.

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Yona and the gang make their way to the Green Dragon. They enter a desolate village plagued with famine. They see a man fall on the ground, coughing. Yona approaches him but is stopped by Yun who goes in her stead. He offers the man some water, medicine, and fruit. Yona rushes to help him sit upright and drink water. The fallen man expresses his discontent with King Il, that he overlooked the poor and marginalized. He then thanks Yona for helping him.

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After they leave, a distraught Yona breaks away from the group to cry in secret while Hak talks about King Il as his master and how he’s still serving him now that he is dead and has left Yona alone.

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That night when everyone else is asleep, Yona gets up to practice shooting arrows. She then breaks down again when she remembers her father telling her not to handle weapons.

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A bored General Geun-tae is feeling restless. He is surprised when he finds out that Su-won and Sky Geneal Hang Ju-do is visiting. The young king asks a favor from the Earth Clan General. He and his manservant Cheol think it is a top secret mission but the king only asks for some water.

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They sit down for some tea. While they converse, Geun-tae is appalled by Su-won’s relaxed and languid disposition. As they give the king a tour of the castle, the general hears news that a mine in their territory has collapsed again. Cheol tells the king that some regions are unstable but Geun-tae stops him from revealing more.

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Geun-tae then expresses his disapproval for King Il’s actions and that as an effect, he may start a rebellion.  He then asks Su-won if he intends to keep his promise of restoring the kingdom’s strength. The king simply affirms. Geun-tae is confused as to how he can say it in such an undignified manner.

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They visit a shrine but Geun-tae leaves to return to his chambers. Cheol then defends the general’s recent outburst about starting a rebellion, saying that he’s depressed about not being able to fight on the battlefield. Su-won then remarks on the amount of respect and and admiration the Earth Clan has for the general. Cheol says it’s only because of the general’s gallantry on the battlefield.

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The servant runs for Geun-tae, exclaiming that the King is preparing for war. Elated, Geun-tae runs to Su-won who clarifies that it is only a war game festival since the other generals are also starving for battle. Even Ju-do is dismayed that they won’t be using real swords. Geun-tae almost declines when Su-won defends by saying that the general is “not aware of his own appeal’, which leads Geun-tae to believe that the King is far worse than King Il.

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Damn… DAMN that OP took me by surprise. The season’s turning out to have some pretty good song choices, I admit. Even the ED is gold. That’s two points for the production team. Now, on to the mother ship.

Initially, I didn’t have any strong feelings for Su-won since I knew even before the series started that he’s going to kill King Il. I was not even surprised. It’s difficult to make out his character. What is he really, deep inside? Is his happy-go-lucky nature only a facade? What happened to the Su-won who murdered the King? What are his true intentions for the kingdom? Is he in some relation to the dragon legend?

On the other hand, Yona learns that not everybody was satisfied under the reign of her father. Of course it comes as a shock. Yona always knew him as a kind and gentle father but never as king. How else would one react when she finds out that the one she admires and loves the most was not all that good?

Maybe it’s only a difference between the person himself and his actions. After all Hak mentioned of what King Il was like and what he believed in. However, these two disparate aspects of the king must be clarified.

Fullscreen capture 1212015 101725 AM.bmp

We all know that Yona wants to fight but she still hesitates. Would it disrespect her father’s memory to use what he despised the most? If so, then how else can she avenge him?

Oh, so much angst. I would love a bit more character development thrown into Shin-ah’s way but I guess that can wait while we follow Su-won for a bit. I respect this show’s attempt at being multidimensional after all, there is a lot going on in Kouka.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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