Aldnoah.Zero Episode 14 Recap

Looking back at the previous cour, I realize Aldnoah spent too much time either presenting things through dialogue or flaunting Inaho’s abilities that it totally forgot what happened everywhere else on Earth.

It is only the fourteenth episode and it feels as though this war will never end. If it does, what happens next? Will the rest of the cour be enough to show us what happens? At least it’s getting started and hopefully it will continue in a fast enough pace.

Slaine shows Princess Lemrina around the hangar and she enjoys the uneven gravity field. She then activates all the kataphrakts in the bay while Count Saazbaum watches.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 90239 AM.bmp

Disguised, Lemrina has an audience with the Emperor to show that Asseyleum is alive. The Emperor wishes her luck in the battle with Earth. As she returns, she remarks that he never changes.

The Deucalion docks at the Trident Base. In his room, Inaho analyzes the Princess’ latest propaganda video. Inko comes in to check up on him and asks about his artificial eye. He ends up teasing her (in the most deadpan, unfeeling way) with the new abilities he gained from his new eye. He then points out that the princess in the prop videos isn’t Asseyleum. He teases Inko more and she storms out.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 91142 AM.bmp

Slaine catches Eddelrittuo cleaning Asseylum’s recovery chamber. They talk about how the Deucalion is now in space and wonder when Asseyleum will wake. Outside, Lemrina eavesdrops on their conversation.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 91847 AM.bmp

After his audience with the Emperor, Saazbaum asks Slaine for his opinion on Vers. The latter expresses the optimism that Vers will become prosperous if it conquers Earth but predicts the oncoming inequality that comes as a  result of the existence of Aldnoah. Saazbaum concedes.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 92051 AM.bmp

Saazbaum prepares a convoy to go to the Marineros Base in the Satellite Belt. Slaine tries to activate the Tharsis but it doesn’t power up. He figures that the Aldnoah Drive must be offline. He gets out of the kataphrakt and spots Lemrina. She argues with him that she lives in the shadow of her sister, Asseylum, and is only being valued for her activation factor, expressing her hate for how she is treated. Slaine shows her his wounds from being lashed and says that he sympathizes with her even in the least sense. She then kisses him, giving him a one-time(?) activation factor. Harklight witnesses the whole display. They set out for the Satellite Belt.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 93001 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 93007 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1182015 93102 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 93141 AM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 1182015 93239 AM.bmp

In the Trident Base, the higher-ups discuss that Marineros, which is a frontline base of the Martian Army, will make a close approach with the Trident Base in a few days and that they are expecting a full-scale battle. Misuzaki expresses her concerns about battling in space for the first time.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 94606 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 94648 AM.bmp

Saazbaum launches a platoon since they will be nearing enemy territory on their way to Marineros. Detecting the Martian kataphrakts, Trident Base orders the Deucalion to launch their own kataphrakts. As the Earth kats get in position, the Martian Stygis platoon attacks. Both sides are having trouble because of the wind but (of course) Inaho manages to overcome it, landing hits on the Martians.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 94848 AM.bmp

A disconcerted Saazbaum is saved by Slaine who deflects an attack on the mother ship. He leaves to go to the battlefield. On his way to the center of the action, Slaine predicts a wave of shots aimed at him and dodges them, expertly maneuvering the Tharsis.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 95804 AM.bmp

He is intrigued by the accuracy of the shots while Inaho says the same about the ability to anticipate trajectories. As Slaine approaches, he spots Inaho’s orange kataphrakt while the latter recognizes “Bat” despite the class change. The battle goes on but the two aim for each other.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 100716 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1182015 100344 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 120045 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1182015 120120 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 120114 PM.bmp

As Saazbaum’s convoy breaks away, Inaho and Slaine find out of each other’s identities.

Fullscreen capture 1182015 120256 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1182015 120308 PM.bmp

I can’t deny that I’m loving every bit of what’s going on now. Intrigues, conspiracies, and most of all space battles.

It has become tiring to see Inaho vanquish Martian after Martian with little to no struggle. As we all already know, it’s Slaine who makes a formidable opponent for our earthen genius but we didn’t know how until this episode. And what ability makes Slaine Inaho’s formidable opponent? He anticipates the trajectories of shots. The ability comes as a surprise though. It wasn’t shown in that one episode in which he had action last season. Could Slaine’s ability have been something else, something better? In many ways, yes but I guess it makes sense if he has to compare to Inaho. I’ll give it a few more battles to convince me.

All Lemrina is showing now is that she’s of the jealous sibling archetype. But who can blame her? Even we know her only now that Asseylum is incapacitated. I thought she’d be the type who doesn’t care at all but I guess everything that has happened got to her.

Saazbaum is still plotting now with the help of Slaine and we’re wondering what he’s up to. We learned that he was behind the assassination attempt at Asseylum and was conspiring against the Vers Allusias because their feudal characteristic against Earth made the knights suffer and killed his beloved. His plans failed when Slaine gave him a choice between being captured by the Earth forces or escaping with the Princess. This season, he reached out to another princess while still fighting against Earth. What is he planning to do after conquering the planet? I’m even confused as to how he is still alive and walking.

I wish they’d explore more the United Earth Forces. I mean, we only know of the Deucalion crew. They talk about the top brass but who are the top brass? They’ve proven to hold off the Martians to the best of their abilities but somehow we haven’t seen a soldier who is smart enough to not get killed easily by an overpowering Martian kataphrakt let alone to take down one. Marito might be that guy but after the countless times his PTSD takes over, he doesn’t convince us. If only he’ll return without it…

So much is going on and it’s only the second episode. But from here, it’s make or break. We certainly don’t want it to break.

Well, what do you think of this week’s episode?

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