01/14/2015 This Week in Anime

It’s the start of the winter season! And we are met with some good and some unremarkable new series. The season offers us a wide variety of anime but sometimes you only have to dig a little deeper to find just what you’re looking for.

I cast a wide net this season. From the dead serious to the lighthearted, Animejin has set out to recap series that look interesting from their titles, posters, and synopses and bring out their essences.

So let’s get started, shall we?

The Rundown: The Good, the Bad, the Unremarkable as of yet

I previously published full-scale recaps of Akatsuki no YonaShirobakoYour Lie in AprilDeath ParadeAssassination Classroom, and Aldnoah.Zero. These are my comments on the pilot episodes that I haven’t gotten the chance to look at in depth. I only have first impressions now so these are bound to change.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend
Ecchi from the very first second, Saekano’s prologue episode with all its naked glory doesn’t leave a good impression. The cute twist at the end though will make you await the day when it becomes more than the typical harem show.

Garo: Mark of the Flame
We follow Leon as he continues his journey of self-conquest. Although it had its set of faults in the storytelling, Garo managed itself pretty well in its first cour, humbly giving us a few surprises here and there. There’s no telling what will happen next. We’d just have to tune in to see.

Durarara!!x2 Shou
For a season premiere, it was kind of all over the place in both senses. Yet, I cannot deny its attempt to draw all its characters and subplots to a single point. That’s what we love about Durarara in the first place. We’ll just have to see what Studio Shuka will bring to the table and hope it doesn’t falter.

The Rolling Girls
It is difficult to keep adding the star whenever I type the title. The pilot episode has nothing special about it save for its colorful, vibrant animation. The plot so far is unremarkable and its universe needs a bit more explaining. It does give me Kill la Kill vibes though so looking into the next episodes might not be such a bad idea.

Junketsu no Maria
Talk about a bore. It was more plain than how I expected it to turn out. Maria, the main character, who appears to possess strong morals does not quite have a character of the same caliber. The animation is sub-par despite being produced by Production I.G. and directed by Gorou Taniguchi (Code Geass). I haven’t read the manga, I admit and whether or not the anime adheres to it, I found pilot episode slow. Maybe there’s nothing spectacular yet but we can hope the rest of this anime mans up.

Sengouku Musou
Hayayay. High hopes – not a single grain. Not even a minute in and the tremendous cast of characters and terrible amount of weapons threw me off. It’s difficult juggling the Shirobako-esque name tags with the flat and uninviting conversation and in the end I never understood anything. Here’s are some of the questions that boggled me from start to end: What in the world are they talking about? Why’d the guy in red leave the group like he was pissed? Was he even pissed? Why was he suddenly fighting an old guy? Did he actually kill the old guy… with JUST THAT? Was that really all they needed to unify Japan? And lastly, if this is a historical piece, why the hell is no one wearing a normal kimono? Instead of remembering all the characters, I only recall all the unnecessary sword slashes. Will that change? I’m crossing my fingers.

Episode of the Week

It needs special mention. Out of all the pilot episodes I’ve seen this week, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! takes the cake. It’s ridiculous like its title but it’s not your typical magical something-or-other show. Heck, it even has the potential to be a better deconstruction than Madoka Magica. It doesn’t dilly-dally and goes straight to the point. With all the tropes, the out-of-the-box conversation, and unlikely characters, this anime shows promise. The first episode went by in a flash but I assure you, it’s awesome.  I’ve never laughed so hard all week.Fullscreen capture 1132015 53202 PM.bmp


So that’s it for this week! How was yours? What were your favorite episodes? Leave a comment and hit follow for more in-depths of your favorite anime this season. Until next time. 🙂

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