Akatsuki no Yona Episode 14 Recap

This week, Yona welcomes a new addition to the group: a silent young man new to the world. It takes him a little while to get used to his new surroundings as it is traditional for every new dragon that joins them. Not every caveman rejoices at his leaving the cave but Shin-ah just might after a while.

Filled with contemplation and tears, this episode is sure to pull our heartstrings at least in the slightest sense.

Unmasked, the Blue Dragon unintentionally intimidates the villagers, driving them mad thinking they’ll turn to stone. Yona defends him and his recent actions. The Blue Dragon closes his eyes and puts on his mask.

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He picks up an axe, ignores Ki-ja’s interrogation, and strikes the rock behind him. An annoyed Ki-ja points out that he’s digging at the wrong side but the Blue Dragon corrects him, saying that where he is striking leads to the outside.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 54854 AM.bmp

Yona volunteers digging as well and grabs a dagger from a nearby villager. Ki-ja prevents her from doing so but she insists. Yun coerces the trapped villagers to help.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 55123 AM.bmp

Meanwhile, Hak believes he’s getting nowhere digging. The rest of the village gathers behind him, worried that their family is also trapped in the rockfall. Hak forces them to help.

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Yona faints while working and is caught by the Blue Dragon. Ki-ja tells him to bring her to his room, saying that there’s more room to breathe there. Yona keeps asserting that she’s fine but he takes her anyway.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 60038 AM.bmp

In the room (the deeper part of the cave), he gives her a lie down and wraps her up in his pelt. Yona starts to cry, wondering why no one appreciates his kindness. She expresses her frustrations and relates to him her own story of being secluded and coming out of the dark. She then promises him that she will show him the light. They both return to the passageway to help digging. Just then, Hak breaks through the rock and locks Yona in a tight embrace.

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Outside, Hak tells the group of how he knew where to dig. Yona invites the Blue Dragon to leave the village with them, assuring him that he is not meant to destroy. He accepts and they leave the village.

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In the mountain pass, Yun asks Ki-ja if he knows where the next dragon is but he falls ill probably from exhaustion. They ask the Blue Dragon instead but he doesn’t have the faintest idea of what a dragon actually is. Ki-ja affectionately sympathizes with him, promising that he would teach him about the legend. Embarrassed, the Blue Dragon runs away.

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The group follows him to a nearby waterfall where he dives in. He resurfaces with a fish and gives it to Ki-ja. Ki-ja asks him if he could use words but he gets embarrassed again.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 63040 AM.bmp

Yun asks how he knew that there was a waterfall. The Blue Dragon points out that it was because of his eyes. He even clarifies that looking into his eyes doesn’t turn anybody to stone.

They start a fire at sunset. Ki-ja rests, Yun and Yona prepare dinner and the Blue Dragon covers himself in his pelt while his clothes dry. Yona offers him her coat. He thanks her addressing her by her name, shocking everyone. Yona is delighted and asks how he wants to be called.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 63613 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1142015 63908 AM.bmp   Fullscreen capture 1142015 90427 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1142015 63738 AM.bmp

She asks Yun for his opinion on the Blue Dragon. He came up with “silence”. He then doubts Yona’s being a princess because of how she acted when the Blue Dragon pointed his sword at her back in the cave. She admits to being scared. Yun apologizes to her for being prejudiced against royalty and for being harsh to her at first. He asks if he can address her by her name. She leaves to get a drink of water.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 63951 AM.bmp

Yona sits by the waterfall. She scoops up water and washes her face. She then calls out to Hak who was following her all along. He reminds her of his promise to stay by her but she reminds him that she came back in one piece.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 65047 AM.bmp

He accidentally calls her “Yona” and instantly corrects himself. She tells him that she wants him to address her by “princess” to remind both of them of King Il. Hak then recounts to her that he prayed to the king not to take her back when they were trapped, indicating that he was aware that she was still King Il’s daughter. Yona breaks down crying in front of him.

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Fullscreen capture 1142015 90843 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1142015 90854 AM.bmp

Walking back, she asks Hak for his opinion on the Blue Dragon and he gives her “night”. She muses that despite the darkness, he was peaceful and warm but softer than the sun. She and Hak spot him looking at the moon. She calls out to the Blue Dragon, “Shin-ah”, which means moonlight in Kouka’s language and asks him if it was okay for his name. He shyly agrees and runs off to the field of fireflies.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 75847 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1142015 75859 AM.bmp

Later that night while everyone’s asleep, he introduces himself with his new name to Ao.

The next day, Yona wakes up Ki-ja who senses the Green Dragon.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 84022 AM.bmp

Aw damn. After Magic Kaito 1412, I get treated to this. This is so far the deepest Akatsuki no Yona has ever been.

I was slightly disappointed that Hak’s torment was cut short. It would’ve been nice to see him get extremely batshit crazy when something happens to Yona then calm down to actually act on it or wait if can’t do anything about it, you know, to make him trust her and the others. If that aspect of his doesn’t get explored more in the future, then that’s one major character flaw. If it does, then good for Hak. But it’s fine; it would’ve been trite if the situation was prolonged.

Also, I love how much respect goes on between Yona and Hak. It’s not just the tease you/tease me kind of relationship nor is it the “everything is permitted” sort. We feel that he gets a bit jealous when everybody else starts addressing Yona by her name but Yona assures him that he’d be the special one if he kept calling her hime. For her, he only has the utmost respect and we love that.

I find it amusing (not in the sarcastic way amusing) that despite being polar opposites, Ki-ja is warm and welcoming towards Shin-ah. It’s only natural for latter to be a bit embarrassed. After all, not everyone is enlightened at the first ray of sunlight he sees.

Although a bit cliche, I also love that irony – how the person who needed kindness the most is the kindest of them all. And what happens when he is given the kindness he deserves? He gains genuine, hospitable friends and a name to call his own. He might not express his kindness in words but everybody knows his intentions well even when he hides behind his mask.

Fullscreen capture 1142015 62211 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 1142015 90346 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1142015 63713 AM.bmp  Fullscreen capture 1142015 25032 AM.bmp

The week started out pretty great, I believe. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and hit follow for more in-depth updates on Akatsuki no Yona.

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