Assassination Classroom Episode 1 Recap

A difficult task is set out for a bunch of fourteen-year-olds and the teacher has nothing but impossible written all over him. The classroom may not be full of fun and laughter but it is sure to give you some.

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The students await their teacher. A yellow tentacled monster, he arrives and immediately begins homeroom. “Stand!” the class rep orders and everybody rises from their seats, each of them pointing a gun at the teacher. “Bow!” and they all start shooting. The teacher casually proceeds to checking attendance, nonchalantly avoiding the rapid wave of gunfire.

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When attendance is finished, they all stop firing. The teacher scolds them for being unimaginative. He explains that despite having a maximum speed of Mach 20, he is vulnerable to plastic pellets and carries on with the class.

Fullscreen capture 1112015 123441 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1112015 123451 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1112015 123455 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1112015 123504 AM.bmp

The Japanese government introduces to Kunugigaoka Junior High School class of 3-E the creature who has destroyed the moon and gives them the task of killing him in secret (thus, an assassination) before he does the same to Earth. Countless attempts weren’t met with success. If one tries to kill him, he’ll start grooming the killer.Fullscreen capture 1112015 123559 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1112015 123732 AM.bmp

The octopus made a deal with the government not to kill him and instead to let him teach. They agree so that they may be able keep an eye on him and give the opportunity to kill to thirty people. If they successfully assassinate him before graduation, the class will be rewarded with ten billion yen.

Fullscreen capture 1112015 123753 AM.bmp

The class has some doubts about killing their teacher. While it may be impossible to do so because of his speed, they consider him their best and favorite teacher.

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While the teacher travels to China for lunch, three tough-looking students plot with Nagisa a seemingly foolproof attempt based on a few observations. He muses how no one ever had faith in him and the class, a bunch of misfits exiled in an old mountaintop campus struggling to keep up with the school. Feeling discouraged, he agrees to carry out the plan.

At class, the teacher requires them to make a poem before they go home. Students wonder what his name is. He says he doesn’t have one and welcomes them to give him one.

Fullscreen capture 1112015 124624 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1112015 124809 AM.bmp

Nagisa stands and walks toward the front. He attacks the teacher with the knife he secretly held. The teacher stops him, of course. Nagisa then tackles him and reveals a plastic grenade. It ignites, shocking the class. The three boys celebrate but everyone is concerned over Nagisa.

Fullscreen capture 1112015 124940 AM.bmp

They discover that Nagisa is unharmed, protected by a yellow membrane. Enraged, the teacher show them the ace up his sleeve: shedding his skin once a month. He leaves the classroom and comes back instantly with everybody’s nameplates off their houses. He threatens them that even though he can’t harm the students, he can still harm the people around them.

Fullscreen capture 1112015 125043 AM.bmp

But the teacher is impressed by their idea and praised Nagisa for his approach. They just didn’t consider Nagisa’s wellbeing. The teacher renews their drive to kill him. Nagisa’s seatmate comes up with a name: Koro-sensei.Fullscreen capture 1112015 125256 AM.bmp

The series is off with a great start. I enjoyed every bit of it. It gave me a smile after all the psychological morbidity in Death Parade.

Well, what is there to say? The first episode itself got us excited and we expect the rest of the series to give us more. Sadly I can only remember Nagisa’s name and almost mistaking him for a girl. I hope the twenty-one episodes that follow will give us more about the rest of the class.

It’s all good shounen fun, I admit but I will see this through until the end.

What do you think of Assassination Classroom‘s first episode?

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