Your Lie in April Episode 12 Recap

The piano competition arc ended with a wonderful realization from Kousei and an ominous warning from Kaori. Everything else seems like a blur since the previous episode was released a long time ago. I even forgot that they have a gala concert to prepare for!

We are met with renewed strength, deep conversations, generous fans, secret fans and an unexpectedly stuck-up kohai. The story of Kousei and his friends continues while we follow. What will our dear middle-schoolers surprise us with next?

It’s summer break! Tsubaki is taking remedial lessons while Kousei and Kaori practice for their gala concert duet. Kaori scolds him for being distracted. He expresses his hesitation about the concert piece, suggesting a grander, more “glamorous” one. But Kaori insists that she wants them to play what she’s prepared. He remains silent while she openly wonders why he’s reluctant to play her piece.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 125104 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1102015 125137 AM.bmp

She reminisces how she found a copy of Kreisler’s Liebeslied in Kousei’s piano room that night after they jumped from the bridge.

At home, Kousei finds Rachmaninoff’s rearrangement of Liebeslied in his piano room. Before he begins to play, he remembers sleeping under the piano, a time when her mother was still kind. It suddenly shifts to when she took ill, her cutting him down, and him wishing she died. Kaori’s question still lingers in him but he now has an Fullscreen capture 1102015 10405 AM.bmpanswer: He plays reluctantly because it (Liebeslied) reminds of his mother. Lost in thought, he is interrupted by Hiroko who turns on the lights.

She takes him for a break to the village summer festival. They talk about Liebeslied and how it has a history with Kousei’s mother. He wonders if she hated him to which Hiroko consoles that no mother can do such a thing to her child. She goes on by telling him he matured both as a person and as a pianist that day he finally spoke out against Saki and that she was actually happy about it. “It is just a little sad . . . to see your kid grow away from you,” she adds. He ponders if his mother will forgive him for trying to forget about her, if it is ever right for him to play the piano. Hiroko encourages him to play with that raw emotion if he wants to find redemption.. Just then Kousei is offered a candy apple and Hiroko asks herself if it’s right to be harsh on him when he has to play and mature.Fullscreen capture 1102015 10905 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1102015 11034 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 1102015 12251 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1102015 12347 AM.bmp

Kousei and Kaori go home late from practice with her scolding him once again. Her attention is caught by the starry summer sky and beckons him to look. He starts singing Twinkle, Little Star and she follows.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 12542 AM.bmp

They arrive at a cake shop which is revealed to be where Kaori lives. Her parents recognize Kousei and he is treated to “leftovers” from the shop. Kaori explains that they are fans of him. They offer him a lot of encouragement (in culinary metaphor) especially in being unpredictable.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 13732 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1102015 14032 AM.bmp

When Kousei leaves, they give him some to bring to his household. Kaori notices that he grew taller and reasons out that it must be because he doesn’t look down anymore. They talk idly on the way while Kousei cherishes the moment.Fullscreen capture 1102015 14954 AM.bmp

There are two days left to the contest and the duo still disagrees on some parts of the performance. Their friends observe in bored resignation under the summer heat.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 15052 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 1102015 15058 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1102015 15144 AM.bmp


Later that night, they light some fireworks by the school pool. Watari catches Tsubaki and Kaori before they light up rockets. They Fullscreen capture 1102015 20414 AM.bmptalk about school and Kaori says that she hasn’t put the future into thought yet. She snatches a sparkler from Kousei and points it up to the sky, declaring that for now, she wants to be in the spotlight at the gala concert. Watari joins her in her gaiety with two more sparklers. Tsubaki catches Kousei gaping at them with a tinge of jealousy and launches an attack powerful enough to propel both boys into the pool. Kousei almost drowns but is saved by Watari.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 21731 AM.bmp

At the gala concert, Emi sneaks in to cover the fact that she’s there for Kousei. The latter is frustrated that Kaori hasn’t appeared when the show has begun. Watari tries calling her to no avail. Kousei and Hiroko enter the theater building to prepare while Tsubaki and Watari stay on the lookout for Kaori.

Hiroko begs the concert organizers to delay their performance but they refuse. She asks instead a young violinist named Miike who’s Fullscreen capture 1102015 35711 AM.bmpplaying last in their division. Remembering the hype he witnessed earlier about Kaori, he, too, refuses, defending that the final act is Fullscreen capture 1102015 35727 AM.bmphis and his alone. Hiroko apologizes but he starts to badmouth Kaori. Enraged, she begins to scold him but Kousei stops her, humbly apologizing to Miike and openly declaring that while the young musician may have the final act, they will take the spotlight.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 35716 AM.bmp

It’s now time for the their performance. To everyone’s surprise, Kousei walks onto the stage alone.

Fullscreen capture 1102015 55155 AM.bmp

The previous cour, which spanned 11 episodes, may have been a bit slow. The back stories were given more prominence then but we understand how important that is to further understand the characters. But it resulted in a way that the story didn’t progress. At least that’s what I think.

There’s plenty of time in one more cour for Your Lie in April to smooth it all out and we all hope it delivers.

Let’s get to the real deal. I love analyzing these heavy dramas because there’s so much to think about.

For one, we see Kousei gaining more backbone in his music now that he’s found someone to play for. But his mother still haunts him even now. A piece of unexpected consolation comes from Hiroko, his mother’s friend. Given that this was sort of out of the blue, this gave the mother a whole lot more dimension that what was let on in the first cour. Hiroko might be just making this up to give Kousei a big push to keep playing the piano.

And I must say, whether that is true or not, Hiroko gives us a really nice insight about the liberation of oneself through music.

The fact that you can’t hear the notes means… that you’re not bound by auditory sounds, I think. The images you have within you. The sounds that rise up from the bottom of your soul… You’ve been letting them override all else without realizing it. The sounds within you, the imagined scenery… Wasn’t there a moment when you sensed the notes suffused with your desires and emotions? Losing the ability to hear the notes. I’m sure that that’s a gift.

A lot of questions still surrounds Kaori. Is something wrong with her? Is she sick? If she likes Watari, what is her deal with Kousei as of the moment? I have a guess and I might be wrong. She’s sick. Terminally? Huge chance. What about between Watari and Kousei? She still likes Watari but I think for now, she wants to impart her musical genius to Kousei. Whether there will/should be a transfer of affections, I’d like to see Watari’s and Tsubaki’s stories.

As for Tsubaki, it’s become clear now that she has the burden of knowing everything, maybe not quite everything, but a lot of what’s going on. We won’t know yet what she’s going to do about it though I’d love for it to be a surprise.

Your Lie in April takes on everything in its own unique, random, and quirky way which gives us all the more reason to keep watching.

What do you think of the latest episode?

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