01/05/2015 This Week in Anime

So the season begins a little later than I thought. That doesn’t mean that the hype is going out! We’re still anticipating the coming of the new and return of the old anime with immense excitement.

Last season, I dropped Akatsuki no Yona after the fourth episode because I felt that the story was a bit lazily executed. After a bit of convincing from my pals on MAL, I’m picking it up again to see what direction the series will go. I have to catch up on a few more episodes because it will be the first one I’m going to recap this season. Yay.

Aside from picking up Akatsuki no Yona and Garo: the Animation, I’m adding a couple more anime premiering this season to my watch list.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) – I know. The Japanese title is bit mumbo jumbo and more so is the synopsis. Nevertheless, romances still pique my interest so I’ll give it a go.
Koufuku Graffiti – (I think) There’s no graffiti here. But they say that there’s food. A lot of it. ‘Nuff said.
Maria the Virgin Witch (Junketsu no Maria) – ANN synopsis: WTF? Wikipedia synopsis: Sounds better and in fact, I might give it a go. I have no life anyway.

That said, it’s like the winter charts are just laden with seinen anime. I can only count with one hand those aimed at the female demographic. Oh well. It’s quality I’m looking for and that all depends on whether these anime are smart enough and can hold themselves up.

Yosh! More anime to watch! And with a backlog to go with it! Stay tuned for more updates, recaps, and more stuff on our favorite anime!

What will you be watching this season? Any suggestions?

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