Happy New Year and Happy New Anime!

First and foremost, a happy new year to you all! We welcome the new year with a new season packed with a lot of exciting new anime.

Upon further deliberation, I have come up with a list of what I’ll be recapping for this season.

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) – Reading the synopsis was quite fun. I haven’t read the source material but I hope that the anime itself will be as fun or even more.
Death Parade – A dark and morbid anime to greet the new year? Why not? Just looking at the poster gives me goosebumps (and not the nice kind).
Durarara!!x2 Shou – Who didn’t love the first season? We’ve waited so long and now the sequel is here. It’s actually confusing how the producers will play out the series. We know for sure that there will be three parts but as to how many episodes will be in each we don’t know.
Aldnoah.Zero 2 – After the mess that was season 1, I still have hopes for Aldnoah. Let’s just wish that Slaine will finally do something right.
Rolling☆Girls – It sounds like the cute-girls-doing-cute-things trope with lots of colorful animation. I didn’t anticipate putting this on my watch list this season but I want to see if it will be more than what it lets on.
Sengoku Musou – A historical action anime doesn’t sound very exciting. I’ll admit that the synopsis doesn’t sound very promising. Nonetheless, I’ll watch it to see where the anime industry stands in making historical anime.

And here are the fall leftovers that I’ll continue watching and start recapping for their second cour.

Log Horizon 2 – It’s actually starting to bore me but I’ll continue watching it. (Shiroe, I’m watching this for you!)
Magic Kaito 1412
– Kaito Kuroba’s adventure continues and despite how basic and shounen it all sounds, I find it surprisingly fun. (P.S. Guys in suits = love.)
– The first cour ended well and I’m excited as to what comes next for our five girls.
Your Lie in April
– It promised a heartbreak (or at least I think it did) and I’m still waiting for it.

Aside from the above listed, I am considering watching Garo: The Animation since I’m reading a lot of good reviews about it.

I sometimes feel that my watch-list looks too bleak so I’m also welcoming recommendations and feedback. Any kind of anime will do.

Yosh! So much anime to watch! Don’t forget to hit follow/subscribe to get updates on reviews, recaps and more stuff on our favorite anime!

What will you be watching this season? 🙂

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